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OOH Breakdowns: 07850 776 925

Don’t Lose Power

We can offer your business and your important fleet vehicles a huge range of genuine parts from all the leading manufacturers of PTO’s such as: Edbro, Parker, OMFB and many others.

At our workshops in Cardiff and Swansea we hold over 14,000 parts. And with our dedicated parts support team, we’ll help you find the right part in no time.

All parts sold by us are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty as standard, and all orders can be tracked so you can stay on top of the order. We can also provide progress updates where requested.

  • We hold more than 14,000 genuine parts in stock.
  • We have a dedicated parts order team.
  • All parts covered by manufacturer’s warranty as standard.
  • All of our orders can be tracked & we can provide progress updates if necessary.
  • Technical support line available during normal working hours.

Technical support line available during normal working hours. If you don’t have the ability or desire to change the parts yourself, we offer a full repair service in one of our fully fitted workshop locations in Cardiff and Swansea. Each of our workshops are staffed by highly experienced, knowledgeable, fully trained engineers who know the product inside-out. Therefore, you can be sure that we’ll diagnose the issue quickly and fit the right part in good time. All this means your fleet is not tied up off the road for longer than is necessary.

If you’re looking for parts or to discuss a repair, please call 01792 781660 or contact us today via our web form. We’re here to help!


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