HIAB Cranes

Service & Parts: 01792 781 660
Body Builds & Installations: 01639 643 629
OOH Breakdowns: 07850 776 925

Lifting You Higher

It’s no understatement to say that you stay more competitive with HIAB loader cranes, whether your business depends on heavy lifting, fast loading cycles or the most delicate precision, or all of the above.

From their immense power and control to their safety and reliability, HIAB loader cranes offer performance no other loader crane can match. That’s why we partner with HIAB and have done for many years.

We trust their impeccable build quality and unfailing attention to detail. It’s worth noting too that HIAB developed the world’s first loader crane back in 1944 (just 3 years before Neath Coachbuilders started!), and today there are HIAB loader cranes design for almost any demand or task.

All-in-all, we’ve got the solution for you. Why not get in touch and see if we can help you and your business? Drop us a line or call us on 01639 643629 to discuss your specific requirements?

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