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Introduction the Futura 18

Multilift have an enviable reputation in the skip loader market, and we’ve been fitting Multilift equipment for many years. We trust their build quality and reliability.

Now they’ve introduced a new member to the Futura family, the impressive Futura 18 with the ability to lift a truly massive 18 tonne load.The big deal? Well that means fewer trips to move that load, reducing the fuel costs for your business and also lowering emissions.

This mighty piece of equipment uses the same smart construction methods that have made the whole range nimble, yet strong and reliable. This skip loader is something quite special, and the mightiest in its class.It doesn’t end there though. Multilift have packed in over 100 innovations to this new product that bring you benefits such as:


  • Increased reach and perfect stability
  • Auto load covering
  • Service friendly design to reduce ongoing costs
  • Cutting edge safety operation
  • Lightweight steel design means more payload
  • Flexible customisation

Quicker return on investmentFrom 8 tonne to the mighty 18 tonne option, we can help you find the right skip loader for your business.

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