HIAB Hoses

Hoses On Demand

You don’t need to settle for substandard. And to ensure you get the right hose quickly, HIAB have created a rapid response shipping option that can get the right hose to you in a little as 8-hours!


It’s always worth thinking just how critical the hydraulic hose to your hydraulic equipment. Substandard hoses have a higher failure rate that leads to costly downtime for your plant and machinery. That means lost income.


To ensure you get genuine HIAB parts you can order direct from HIAB or via a selected HIAB partner such as Neath Coachbuilders (and NC Truck Equipment). A good HIAB partner can ensure you get the right specification hose for your equipment and one that’s a genuine HIAB part.

As usual HIAB hoses come with a 3-year guarantee.