HIAB Hoses

HIABs Unique Warranty

Did you know that HIAB offer a two-year warranty on their loader cranes? It comes as a surprise to many that such a hard-working piece of equipment comes with such a robust back-up warranty.

In fact, it’s the quality of the warranty that is impressive. Not only are the usual parts covered, but HIAB have extended theirs to cover wear parts that others simply would go near. So, with BIAB you get cover on Painting, Seals, and Flexible hoses.HIAB are the first to offer their customers (and customers via their partner network) this warranty. It brings a real peace-of-mind that should make you think why would you choose any other manufacturer.

But they’ve now gone even further, and for all cranes with lift counts, HIAB now offer a 5generous 5-year warranty on the structural steel components too.

If you want to extend that further, then there are options available for that too. Please check with us at Neath Coachbuilders for full details of HIABs range and back up.

We’ve partnered with HIAB for many years. They give us and our clients a robust product we are always happy to recommend.